Monday, July 22, 2013

28% Puzzle Pieces are Home Again

26 of 91 = 28%!

Over a quarter of the puzzle pieces are back home eagerly awaiting their garden companions. With a bit over 6 weeks to go, this is very good news!
Meanwhile in the "real" garden we have had a rare monsoon season with daily and nightly rains. Three days ago a "real" thunderstorm hit the Las Vegas valley, leaving gullies and washes bursting their banks.
The desert vegetation likes these storms and the sage is blooming all over again, purple and lavender flowers now adorn the garden. The trees always enjoy a good deep watering and all the hardy desert dwellers are clean and smiling.

Important Dates and Notes

Only six weeks to go to the deadline! August 31st is fast approaching.
Please send your image information as soon as you know what you are doing via this page:

Bird and Bunny

Here are the latest arrivals. I rescued the tree whereupon the bird perches somberly looking at its surroundings. The neighbors were chopping it down with a tiny saw in order for the trash pickup to take it in pieces. I saved them some time and effort and I gained a great tree-sculpture. Actual birds, mostly mockingbirds, use it as a lookout to get around the yard and as a launching pad for catching insects.

The bunny I placed under the creosote, one of the native bushes that grows all over the Mojave Desert without much pomp and circumstance. Creosote serves as refuge to many a desert critter and our very own bunnies, the desert hares, like to nest just under the tufts of olive green leaves and fluffy cottony flowers.

Lisa Toth - Chester, New York USA
Susan Kallaugher - Maryland USA
Mcqzie at

“I believe I am growing veggies for the sole benefit of the creatures that live around my garden! One prime offender is the large, cheeky rabbit who thinks this is  Mr McGregor’s garden (apologies to Beatrix Potter) and is so bold he doesn’t even bother to hop off when I go out to water. He might be a she as I found several babies hidden in grass & fur under the rosemary bush, I guess I will have to share with even more hungry bunnies soon.”

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