Thursday, July 4, 2013

A Bee!

About Those Bees

When I was a child growing up in Spain we used to spend part of our summers in wine country, just inland of Barcelona. I remember Spaniards always working and the summer season was no different. Part of our late summer "vacation" was spent gathering grapes from the hardy vineyards.

We were afforded a curved wicked knife and a basket and pretty much let loose. Even as a young child I could figure out that one hand carried the knife, the other gathered a bunch of grapes gently, cut the stem and  put the grapes in the basket. When the basket weighed too much for a 9-year old, I walked back to the tractor-pulled flat cart and exchanged it for an empty.
Mornings quickly got warm and I remember being continually surrounded by happy buzzing bees. The bees were everywhere, on the sweet grapes, on the vines, on our arms and hands, zigging and zagging around our heads and on the basket that we carried. As long as we didn't get excited, neither did the bees.

Here is a bee by my fellow Las Vegas dweller. Appropriately, I precariously balanced it on our trellis, which serves as a framework for our cocktail white grapevines. I couldn't make up my mind which picture I liked best!

Daryl DePry - Las Vegas Nevada USA
My piece was inspired by the importance of the honey bee and its power to pollinate all flowering plant life to insure the next crop/cycle. Sketching bees in my garden posed quite a challenge and I resorted to the digital camera. My background was not intended to represent what was captured, i wanted it to be ambiguous and the focus was more towards the subject matter.

Daryl DePry - Las Vegas Nevada USA
(Maria's comment: This picture shows a bit more of the trellis but I couldn't get the entire block in the  sunshine. Still, I liked how that grapevine runner hugged the block.)

Important Dates and Notes

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