Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Garden Refuge, a Curlew, and a Tasmanian gift

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Three More Pieces of the Fantastic Puzzle

Kathleen (Kate) Willoughby - USA
pieces_of_time at hotmail.com

The garden has always been a refuge for me, gardening always had a way of making things 'right'.  When I lost a great deal of my mobility the garden taunted me.  This is the first image that I have carved in a very, very long time.  Who would know that returning to art via the garden would allow the light of art back into my life.  I chose the image of a walking bridge a metaphor for the long road to recovery.  It is rough, it is uneven in some places, some other places dark and vague.  But there is plenty of light - imperfect, some slips and some falls - but that is life, no?

Laura Castell Perez - Townsville AUSTRALIA
"The bush stone curlew, an Australian bird often sheltering among bushes or tall grass during the day but very active at night wandering in groups producing wail-like sounds.It has been an honour to be part of this group! and be caught in the contagious enthusiasm of Maria!"
Linden Langdon - Hobart, Tasmania AUSTRALIA

Tasmania is an island south of Australia, though about 100 million years ago it was a tiny part of the massive Gondwana supercontinent. There is just one remnant flora species that forms a link between South America, New Zealand and Australia. Nothofagus gunnii is the only deciduous species native to Tasmania and creates a beautiful carpet of autumn colour in the highlands.

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