Monday, July 1, 2013

19 In! 71 To Go

Numbers Game

Yesterday we broke the all time city record of 118 F degrees. At that temperature, the camera gets hot to the touch in about 5 minutes and quits working in 12; it's a safety feature, I'm told. My car-mometer (or truck-mometer to be more precise) tells me it was 124 F just off the pavement. The news reports inside-the-car temperatures hit 152 F, just so you don't leave your Chihuahua in there, not even for a minute.

Nearby Death Valley, about 170 y pico miles from Las Vegas Nevada, matched the record 129 F degrees. Some folks carrying thermometers reported unofficial temperatures of 135 F degrees. Which begs the question, what are they doing there?! "We wanted to feel what it was like" said a couple of Northern European tourists with skin the color of fully ripened pomegranates.

Anyhow these days it is tough to find a spot in the garden that has a resemblance of colorful life in it! But the oleanders don't seem to care much and the Palo Verdes, actually a native from Arizona, are now in full bloom. There are 19 blocks resting in the shade of the studio and eagerly awaiting 71 more to come. If you send them, I will venture in the heat to takes pictures of them, so long as my camera holds up! 

Important Dates and Notes

Only two months to go to the deadline! August 31st is fast approaching.
Please send your image information as soon as you know what you are doing via this page:

On to the images!

Constance Brewer - Gillette Wyoming USA
What's a garden with out a small, humanoid creature of the gnome variety in it? No mere lawn ornament, this gnome is set to protect and defend all the denizens of his garden, fantastical or mundane. Unfortunately, someone's been playing with bubbles and this gnome has gotten himself trapped in one, and is floating about the Fantastic Garden, wondering where he'll come to rest. 

Vicki LoSasso - Reno Nevada USA 
art at   inklingv at
Woodcarving has always intimidated me, so the decision to participate in Fantastic Garden wasn't an easy one. But I LOVE collaborative projects, remembered Maria from Geographical Divides,another collaborative project, and decided I should challenge myself and dive in.
I created several creatures I thought could live in a fantastic garden, and the little guy in my carving was my favorite. I worked the image out in soft-cut before I braved carving into the wood.

I am very grateful to Maria for making this Fantastic Garden come to life!

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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