Saturday, June 22, 2013

A platypus, a flower, a fairy...

Puzzle Pieces!

Yes I am getting creative with the backgrounds now! The platypus was easy, it behaved very well and just posed on the tree bark of an old elm branch. Balancing the flower on the Mojave Yucca leaves took some doing but the leaves of the yucca are strong and took to the task well. I cheated on the fairy and held the little block up by the blooms of a Mojave Desert Willow with that Y-stick that you see in the picture. Balance block on stick with left hand, snap picture(s) with right. Piece of cake!

In case anyone wonders, I take about 5-10 pictures per block and pick and keep the best. Sometimes I have to tinker with the camera settings, manual focus, no flash, etc., but most of the time I just let it do its thing on Auto.

How cool are these, huh? huh?

Margaret Barnaby - Volcano, Hawai'i, USA
"What could be more fantastic than a flippin' platypus? The block is tiny, the tools are dull, but still,it was very fun!    In Memory of a Tasmanian friend, Jane Baldry, who created a fantastic garden above the river."

Sonia Jensen - Wyoming USA
"By late April, we escape endless winter, for a week in Hawaii. We need to remember that trees are green and flowers bloom.  Just before leaving, I discovered the book, Georgia O'Keeffe's Hawaii.  Georgia visited Maui in 1939. She produced paintings, in her unique style, of the flowers we saw daily.  Thus came the inspiration for my block.   Now summer is slow to arrive , so I have had plenty of time to savor the carving of my block and participation in the Fantastic Garden Puzzle Print Project.          

Sharri LaPierre - Vancouver Washington USA

The Fantastic Garden is such a great theme. The pity is: so many ideas, but only one block!  But, it is just mandatory that all gardens have fairies and other kinds of little folk.  How else could you explain the mischief that can occur amongst your plants and flowers?  My little fairy loosely resembles my youngest granddaughter when she was 3 and 4 yrs. old and considered herself a Fairy Princess.  And, she loves bugs, so this fairy is in deep conversation with a lady bug while fireflies twinkle.

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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