Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Garden Denizens

Pandora's Box!

I had the brilliant idea of taking the first few pictures of blocks in my "real" garden. Great. Now I have become obsessed to have a different background for every new arrival. Sigh.  From now on, I am accepting the self-imposed assignment: everyone gets their own unique background. What the heck, I have an acre full of a variety of desert flora! Should make the Growing the Garden book a delight to peruse.
This little fellow was stalking me while I swam!
He/she then waited for me to finish, get my camera and snap a few

The Puzzle Pieces

Therese Krupp - Minneapolis USA
nimblefingers58 at
My name is Basil...I am an extraordinary cat. I love to prowl in the deep vegetation looking at all the bugs. I do not like snakes. When I see them I climb a tree and lift my whiskers through the leaves ..I have great fun in the clouds. When I'm tired I slowly ooze down the bark till I reach the grass . Spring is my favorite time. Meow!   sincerely  Basil. 

Suzanne J. Salsbury - Waterloo, Iowa USA
salsbury at
My Garden caters to all kinds of birds, insects, and butterflies during the year so I had lots of options to choose from.  After running through a myriad of insects, birds, bugs, and fairie images I finally settled on a butterfly.

Woodcuts are definitely not my strongest area of printmaking so as I looked for imagery I looked at very basic shapes.  After I decided on a butterfly I began to search for a very simple image that would have a little more appeal than just a flat black shape.  WOW!  There are a lot of simple designs out there.  I compiled a colection of possibie images and waited for my puzzle piece to arrive.

After my puzzle piece arrived and I realized how large my image could be, I really became bold.  This is the most detailed woodcut I have done to date and I think it turned out pretty good.  Who knows, if I continue to join in these collaborations and other exchanges, in 50 years I may be able to call myself a woodcut printmaker.

Robert Simola - Central Coast of California

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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