Friday, June 21, 2013

Daily Catch

More Puzzle Pieces!

Daniel Dew - Tampa Florida USA

I live in the Deep South, next to alligators and swamps.  Our gardens are pretty, but full of amazing and scary bugs.  I can never decide which is more fascinating, the flora or the insects, so I choose the insect.  Here's looking a ya kid.

Anne van Oppen - Southern California USA
annevo5 at

Owls have been a fondness of mine from a very young age.  I discovered a coloney of Burrowing Owls on the hillside behind my parents home in the 1960's and kept it a secret from everyone - even my family!  I was worried that if the word got out they would be harmed.  Development and a growing population chased them away.  We still have Great Horned Owls and Barn Owls living in the area.  This spring I installed a Barn Owl Box in my Mother's garden with the hope of attracting a pair to move in.  It seemed fitting to put my wish into "Growing the Garden" puzzle print.

Barbara Zietchick - Pennsylvania USA

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