Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Revenge of the Fire Ants

More Arrivals and Revenge of the Fire Ant

There are a number of dangers in the desert and, although very few actually live in people's back yards, still the desert is not exactly "user friendly" sometimes.

So there I was, innocently taking photos of our beloved puzzle pieces. This year I thought I would vary the backgrounds and chose to place the little darlings in my garden, of course! Problem is, I get distracted trying to find just the perfect background, the perfect light, the perfect focus...OOOOUCH! nothing like fire ants tend to end the bliss in a hurry.

If you have ever been bitten, you know why they call them fire ants. And to top it all off, I seem to have a slight "reaction" to some insect bites so my heel today is about twice as big as it should be. My HEEL! that is some tough skin that little bast--- got through...
Sigh, no more photos under that Mojave Willow that's for sure!

Here are three more contributions.
David Bull - Tokyo JAPAN
(Maria's note: What is it? I guess we all will have to wait to print it to find out!
I will just tell you that, up close, the carving is absolutely incredible, the entire image done in a single continuous engraved line. Amazing.)

John Center - Chicago Illinois USA

Harry French - Lincolnshire England UNITED KINGDOM
This section of the puzzle print is based upon imaginative and observational studies in the garden of the German Expressionist, Emile Nolde of Seeb├╝ll in Schleswig- Holstein, Northern Germany.
Website : http://www.harryfrenchartworks.co.uk

Fantastic Garden Headquarters: http://puzzleprints.blogspot.com

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