Thursday, June 6, 2013


What's this I see? Little sprouts in our garden!

Dear participants, six wonderful blocks are here!
The garden begins to sprout with wonderful contributions from Robert Simola, Barbara Zietchick, Andrew Borloz, Sue Salsbury, Anne Van Oppen and David Bull.

Pictures coming right at you but first wanted to point out two updates:

1. The Participants List is now updated with the new arrivals, whether you have sent information for your design, and whether you have ordered a pre-paid Printed Book "Growing the Garden"

2. To fill in your Artist Information, go to the Artist Info page:

3. If you still want to pre-order a printed book Growing the Garden, just let me know and somehow, some way send the pre-paid amount of $18 to me, with your block, via PayPal to my email address.

Also, please point out any errors in either page regarding your info.


Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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