Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Blocks arriving, work continues

Blocks arriving!

Background carving begins
The garden welcomed three blocks already and two more are on the way. I have also heard that blocks have arrived at the farthest point from Las Vegas, all the way around the globe. I am very pleased with the mail system this time.

Once they get here, they need to rest right in their little boxes for just a bit. Las Vegas is very dry and this particular spring, one of our driest on record. When wood travels to humid places (which is just about anywhere compared to here!) it swells just a bit with the ambient moisture. After it returns, I leave it in the box, getting accustomed very slowly to the dry air. Once a couple of weeks have gone by, it is generally safe to open the little packages and peek inside.
Until then, you will just have to wait and see what everyone else is doing.

And that brings me to...

First skeleton block!

I had a couple of distractions like, er, LIFE and things! But I am now firmly planted in my studio and just finished one of the skeleton blocks. Basically, I remove the background leaving only the matrix for the wonderful images that everyone will bring. I have to strike a balance between a design that brings all the blocks together so they "make sense" and not put in so much detail that the overall design dominates the puzzle pieces.

Here it is, awaiting your pieces!

Print Information, don't forget!

Once you are sure of the design, remember we are writing a book! Well, okay, I am putting together a book but your words are needed to make it interesting, otherwise it's just me talking.
Please fill in the information for your print, exactly as you would like it to appear online and in the book Growing the Garden.
Here is the page to do that, right from this blog:

On to block number two...

Fantastic Garden Headquarters:

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