Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Moving right along...

All quiet?

Now that all is quiet, you are probably wondering if I'm sitting in my studio with my feet up on a high stool pondering my next project...
Well yes and no!

I am pondering my next project alright but I have enough self restraint to wait a while before I take on another. But my feet are planted firmly on the ground, scurrying about my carving bench making wood chips.
The task at hand while I await everyone's wonderful creations is to carve the overall design.

Garden appears!
First I had to clean up the "skeleton" blocks just as I cleaned up each small puzzle piece. Edges get sanded, sharp corners get smoothed, drill holes are camouflaged and everything is cleaned and dusted.

Then I proceed to carve the large blocks much the same as I would any background. Fish tails and frog legs, tree trunks and lily pads all take shape. The overall design needs to be recognizable, although subtle enough so as to not overpower the puzzle pieces.

I will post additional progress photos in the next few days. Some parts are fairly easy to clear, some others not so much but it all gets done in time.

FAQs Answered

And while I eagerly await more blocks so I can start posting them online, I have answered some questions from my eager co-conspirators. Some seem to be asked more than once so I will post them here.

Q: Can you tell me where is my block located in the Fantastic Garden?
A: Heresy! Blasphemy! NO!! No no no no no!!! The key to the fantastic puzzle is precisely that the images in the pieces are wonderfully random. Imagine how boring to have scales in the fish and petals in the flowers...but now imagine that birds have potted plants in them and mushrooms grow trees and lively children play inside a butterfly's wing...now THAT is a Fantastic Garden!

Q: What type of oil should I use if I want to soften the block?
A: Mineral oil (baby oil), lemon oil (as for furniture), light vegetable oil, even a very light coating of linseed oil is fine.
Mineral is best because it is completely non-hardening.

Q: Can I still get a printed book even if I missed the pre-order?
A: But of course! Printed books will be available after the prints are done, probably in December 2013 or January 2014. I will have them for sale on my website and on this blog. To get the pre-order price of $18, you can send a note and check, cash or some exotic red wine with your carved block. 
NOTE: All participants will have access to download the E-Book free for a limited time after the project is done, just like the last project.
I will update the list of participants and the list of those who pre-ordered books very soon.

The Accountability page has been updated with the latest income and expenses.
And don't forget to fill out the Image Information in the Artist Info page when your image blossoms!

That's about it for now! More to come as it happens. 

Fantastic Garden Headquarters: http://puzzleprints.blogspot.com

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