Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ready for seeding!

Done cutting

Last pictures of the cutting process. First, one of the cats seemed interested in the project until the noise started; this is where the expression "high tailed it out of there" came from? So much for making herself useful.

Next, just wanted to point out a couple of things for the budding wood cutters out there. When cutting puzzle pieces, it is good practice to leave the cut pieces in the puzzle while cutting the next ones. This way the saber-saw has something to rest on.

There isn't much skill to operating a saber-saw. The blade moves up and down (and oscillates a little in the new ones). You stop pushing, it stops cutting. Nothing can really go terribly wrong for more than a quarter inch or so. Curves are a matter of keeping the "foot" of the saw down flat against the block and moving forward slightly while simultaneously following the curve. Tight curves are very possible and blade chatter (or breakage) will let you know when you either pushed to fast or too hard. As usual, let the tool do the work. After they are all cut out, a simple lift liberates them from their prison and they are free to fly.

And now the garden is nothing but grass, eagerly awaiting the creative seeds of all my fellow gardeners so it can grow into something absolutely beautiful!

That's a cool picture, huh?
36 hours to go!

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