Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Two of four

Cutting the puzzle pieces

What is it with the cryptic numeric blog post titles?!
Anyway! After yesterday's, er, preparations I proceeded to have a much more successful day cutting out two of the four blocks. 46 puzzle pieces await their destinations and tomorrow they will be joined by 46 of their friends.

Here are the photos and, if you are into videos that resemble watching grass grow (albeit noisily), I posted an unedited video to my YouTube channel here:
Tomorrow I will edit and narrate the rest of the footage.

After a failed attempt to obtain either a new battery or a new charger for my cordless saber-saw, I gave up and purchased one with a power cord. Cheap! It has variable speeds and an oscillating blade which leaves hardly a rough edge on the blocks.

Still photos for those who cherish quiet evenings.
As I was saying yesterday, the advantage of the CORDED  tool
  is that it never runs out of power, sigh.


The block is cut, the needle nose pliers are used
to retrieve embedded saber saw blades after they break

The aforementioned broken blade, but only one!
Holes in the block await my fellow printmakers' creations

Two "holy" blocks and 46 puzzle pieces, sanded, marked and
awaiting their destinations

Only 3 days to funding day!

Fantastic Garden Headquarters: http://puzzleprints.blogspot.com

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