Saturday, April 6, 2013

OMG 26 days to go and we funded the project!

Thank you all! We did it!

Success! We have ALREADY reached the funding goal! That is so awesome, this means all rewards will be awarded and, most importantly, we get to play!!! YAY!

Okay, I am very excited about this. Anytime you embark on any art-venture the doubts are big and ugly and constantly nagging. But we go forth anyways into the world of art-ventures and most times we rejoice in the glory of a successful art project.

So now we actually get to play. We will end up with around 89 participants or so. No problem! In Spain we like to say "donde comen seis, comen siete" or "(a table) where six can eat, seven can eat". After the last participant spots are taken I will start a waiting list and if the project continues to be funded well, we may be able to chop another block!

Now what?

1. Well, you can rejoice and, more practically, PARTICIPANTS please be sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS FOR PARTICIPANTS in advance of getting your blocks. Available from my website:

2. Also very important, everyone keep an eye on this blog and/or on the Kickstarter updates for regular updates:

3. The Kickstarter funding period continues until May 3rd, there is no way to stop the presses! So tell a friend! SHARE this success! I have some "stretch goals" in mind, mostly rewards for all participants and backers but in order to do that, we need to continue to fund the project. You know how it goes, never rest on your laurels...

Thank you again and again! Let's grow this garden!!!

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