Monday, April 1, 2013

Update...SO CLOSE!!!

Countdown to Sign up in a few days!

The video for the Fantastic Garden Puzzle Print project on is now edited and complete. This allowed me to finalize sketches for OUR garden, revise, review, revise again, complete the reward list, illustrate the scale of the projects and about forty-six (exactly) other tasks necessary to complete the submission.

I don't know if I have explained this already: Kickstarter is a platform that allows creative artists to fund their projects through the old fashioned strategy of requesting "backers" (like the nobles and the kings of old). Backers pledge a certain amount and they receive creative rewards in exchange. 
After the project goes live and my fellow participants go to sign up, you will also see the rewards. I hope everyone shares the project page with art loving friends so that we can go ahead with our growing of the Fantastic Garden!
Our Garden-to-BEE, oh I'm so funny...
What happens now is the Kickstarter folks review our project, say: "wow, that's truly awesome!!!" and then we are free to launch the sign-up page. If there are no delays cuz I messed something up, probably in about three, four days! READY??? I am so excited I'm shaking...

While we wait, my dear fellow co-conspirators, there are fun things we can do. For example, take a peek at the almost final sketch to scale above; they always change a little when transposed to the larger blocks. Those of you who have done this before can expect to receive a butterfly wing or a mushroom head or a jumping gold fish, a leaf, a flower petal, a swirl of water, a knot in a tree...

Official Rules

And of course everyone can now review the official "rules" now available for download from my website:

There are a few new little things this time, mostly that the participant number will be limited to 80 and the deadline is shortened to four months. Of course, the sign up page will be the Participant Level at the project page on with the exact page to be announced in three...two...just as soon as I know, you'll know.

Doodles of Fun!

And just for fun and to offer more rewards to our backers I decided to make each doodle panel into a woodcut, both in black and white and in color! Aside from the excruciating task of putting all the details of the project together (four weeks in the making!), I did have fun doodling and came up with a brand new style for me. Here are a black and white and a color doodle-sketch-soon-to-be-rewards for our sponsors.
Tree and a Bee, one of four doodle-sketches

Under the Canopy, one of four doodle-sketches

I am exhausted! I'm so ready! I have toon-birds fluttering in my head. So close...


  1. It appears that your project is well on its way to being successful. I signed up for the $40 artist participation gardening. Your art is familiar to me because of your association with the Baren Press org/blog. This colaboration will be fun. I'm hoping to do a project after summer. Hope to meet you someday. Sincerely, Simona

    1. Welcome Simona!
      Yes, the project is doing well. Thank you for participating!