Monday, April 8, 2013

Updates! Participants and finances online

Bit of Record Keeping

A project like this has a lot of behind the scenes busy work that, unfortunately, does not involve drawing, carving or printing. But it is very necessary to be meticulous about keeping the books or herding, er, I mean directing 80 printmakers can quickly become overwhelming.

First thing was to build the participant list from the Kickstarter list of backers. FYI Kickstarter does not give me any information aside from names, about the project backers or participants. After the funding period is done (May 3) then I will send a survey to everyone and get addresses for mailing the blocks. The faster you answer, the faster you get your goodies!

But for now, as I await my big box of cherry ply, I put up a participant list on this blog. Many names are repeat participants so I grabbed their location from previous projects, in case you wonder about that. Just click on the Participant List link in the main menu under the blog header.

Finally, I set up the accounting/ accountability page so everyone knows how time and money are spent. Now when someone asks, "where does the time go?", you will know the answer!
Exciting stuff, huh?

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