Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Doodles 1 and 2 key blocks

Not really earth shattering stuff, just the carving progression on two of the doodle-sketches, About the Pond and Tree and a Bee.
Tomorrow I will decide on color blocks and transfer the key blocks to the color blocks. For these simple
designs, I usually transfer directly from key block to color blocks rather than using the traditional Japanese method of printing on thin tracing paper and gluing to the color blocks. But more on that tomorrow.

Block ready to carve
Basically, after printing out the doodles on Studio Paper (wax paper) and transferring the printout onto the block, as shown on last post, I go over the design with magic marker to strengthen the lines. Otherwise, they blur when carving.

Next I tint the block with walnut ink, a little diluted. This allows me to see exactly where I am carving because the  wood is much lighter than the stain.
Walnut stain makes it easy to see where I have carved

After the stain, a nice bath of linseed oil so that my chisels glide through the top layer like a knife through butter. Smells good too!

Design gone over with permanent marker

After staining and linseed oil bath, ready to carve
The progression in a quick slide show:

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