Thursday, April 4, 2013

Making a PuzzlePrint: a very short slide show

Spring and Puzzle Prints are in the Air...

Ah yes, my printmaking friends and I are in the process of making our next puzzle print. A big one...a monumental one!

Briefly, a Monumental Puzzle Print is a large design composed of "puzzle pieces", each of which is designed and carved by a unique artist under a common theme. The project director designs and cuts the wood  block into puzzle-like pieces, then sends the pieces to participant artists; they carve their own little design and send the tiny piece back. Then the director assembles the carved pieces. The entire design is printed as a woodcut print after the puzzle is reassembled and finally each participant receives a huge print encompassing the entire design.
Here is a short slide show of the steps in making a puzzle print:

How to make a puzzle print in many easy (not easy) steps

For much more on the process, and to follow the making of the next one, the official Puzzle Print Headquarters:

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