Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sign up is open for the Fantastic Garden!

It's on!

How to sign up:

1. GO TO the project page:

or the full URL

2. FIND the Participant Level on the column of REWARDS, scroll down, right side of the page

3. CLICK ON the Participant Level Reward
Click on the PARTICIPANT LEVEL to sign up
4. FINALIZE payment of the Participation Fee and THAT'S IT!!! After you see the confirmation page, you are now confirmed as a participant.

Let’s do this!!! Invite someone to participate that has never done this before, let’s get some new printmakers to play too.

Don't forget to share so that we can get the project funded, even after all the participants are signed up the project will remain open for 30 days.

The Jig-Saw-Bandit-Action-Figure is awaiting patiently to chop up your little blocks...

Fantastic Garden Headquarters: (right here!)


  1. i would like to get in but as a old guy on social security i wish i could pay to play, if i can get in i would love to cut a block for it

    john center