Thursday, May 23, 2013

YouTube Videos and Housekeeping


A short post to introduce a few YouTube videos on my own channel. I also follow some other woodcut channels that post interesting information from time to time. It's the video generation, I guess, although I still enjoy a good solid book I have become more and more accustomed to getting information from videos because that seems where the future is going.

My video skills will improve in time I suppose, and undoubtedly I will sometime get an HD Camcorder. For now, the HD webcam and the Canon Powershot Pro are doing all the heavy lifting. I edit with Photoshop Premiere Elements and I'm learning a bunch with every step!


Nothing like the spring to instill a desire to clean house, or is it just me?! Anyhow, I go through these moods where I look at stuff in my studio and say: "What was I thinking?" Subsequently, my alter ego cleanedmystudio (EBay ID) helps me out in such conundrums and pretty soon I have shelf space again!
Usually my cleaning sprees last about two or three weeks, few items daily, all printmaking/art relatged, all at bargain prices...some woodcut prints too!

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