Wednesday, July 15, 2015

What the goodies do for me and two more peaceful images


I have reported that I enjoy getting all those little things with the blocks. I requested that all participating artists wrap their blocks in their local papers and for the most part, I am pleasantly greeted by art sections, headlines, comic strips, classified ads and all kinds of local flavor from all over the world. I don't read all of them cover to cover but I do spend a bit of time browsing and enjoying the similarities and differences between cities and towns the world over. 

As for the goodies, I enjoy most the hand-written notes almost always heartfelt and honest and funny and warmly welcomed. I used to write letters for my father after he lost use of his right arm due to a stroke. He wanted to write his friends and would struggle with a manual typewriter I bought him, pecking until he got too frustrated. Then he would ask me to write for him but when I sat down at the typewriter or the computer he would say: "Ay no, Tata, a mano, a mano!" 
So I would write "a mano" (by hand) whatever he would slowly and thoughtfully dictate to me. When his friends replied, I would take the typed letters from the mailbox, re-write them by hand, place them back in the envelope and give them to him resealed. He would then open them and say to me: "Ves? Ellos tambien escriben a mano" (See? They also write me by hand). Chuckle. Ay Papi, how I miss you...

Anyhow, thank you all for the notes and the strange and wonderful gifts of art and otherwise, wrapped in gift wrap, tucked in tiny boxes. I truly enjoy every one of them and they give me the energy I need to continue to do these projects. I much appreciate the time that goes into every carefully wrapped package and the thoughts spent choosing the tiny prints and gifts. With each one I feel loved and that's all I really need in life.

Two more peaceful gifts for everyone.

Kay Walker
Adelaide, South Australia

"When I see images of unlikely animal friendships on YouTube, those who would normally be the hunter and hunted relaxing in each others company, I am reminded of Isaiah 11:6 – “In that day the wolf and the lamb will live together, the leopard will lie down with the baby goat”
Here we are presented with an image of PEACE in the animal kingdom………….  Perhaps one day men will lay down their weapons of war and overcome hatred with love."

Andrew Stone Florence, Italy

"We are too many.
Conflicts arising from the scarcity of food and water, arable land, housing and jobs are all partly caused by the competition among us for the same resources.
Peace won't likely be in our future or that of our planet unless we can stem the growth of our species. At 7 billion humans and counting,  the human population continues to rise and the increasing pressure for dwindling resources and the effects of rising temperatures, air and water pollution and habitat loss are the driving forces of the mass plant and animal extinctions that have already begun. (and Peace must embrace the lives of all of the world's living things--not just humans).

Population control starts with family planning and birth control.
Sex education and the encouragement within communities for members to have small families can all help stem or reverse the problem of human overpopulation.
Birth control is one solution and contraception (the prevention of unwanted pregnancies) is one way to reduce our numbers and is better than the alternatives of
War, Famine and epidemic Disease.
So add my small piece to the bigger puzzle.
Encourage smaller families.
Make sure women (and men) around the world have access to safe and just reproductive care. "

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