Monday, July 20, 2015

Natural peace


In this modern world many of us seem to find peace in nature. Of course, I personally enjoy nothing more than a quiet hike, even a wee one, someplace where I am alone in nature. Modern living dictates that we bring nature to us as well to continue to enjoy when a mountain isn't available. And so we have pets and plants and gardens and the smallest of reminders that we are nature, and nature is peace. I am happy to find that many of my fellow world dwellers feel the same way.
Thank you Frank for all the awesome little prints and Rebecca for the print and note. 

Frank Trueba
Felton, CA, USA

"I find it extremely peaceful watching a koi pond--watching the variously marbled fish criss-crossing back and forth over and over under other can lull me into a meditative state.  Of course, should someone approach with some koi-chow, all bets are off and the very definition of chaos beaks out.  This contrast exemplifies the very yin/yangness of life and after observing the chaos it makes the calmness all the more peaceful.
I've been lucky enough to have participated in all of Maria's puzzle projects and am ever-so-grateful that she continues to put herself though the tribulations entailed in pulling-off these world-wide collaborations--particularly given the growth in participation over the years.  Thank you."

Rebecca Darge Christensen
Des Moines, Iowa USA

"Full Moon For Peace
Art can speak for me. If I can't speak, I will communicate with everyone through the channel of art.
If I bring people together to the table, with art and food, every prejudice that overrides beauty and goodness is broken.
Art can and should be accessible to everyone. Through accessibility comes understanding; the tie that binds us to peace and contentment.
Dedicated to the Peace Puzzle Project 2015"

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