Tuesday, July 21, 2015

72 peace blocks in, 88 still searching for a home

Two weeks

With the deadline fast approaching, I am now receiving blocks daily delivered in USPS bins! I warned my mail carrier that I was going to get 160 packages in about three months but he just looked at me like I'm a bit nuts. Go figure. 
Anyhow, they are coming fast now and I think I am notifying everyone but if you get duplicate emails from me or you see your block published in the blog before I let you know...well, word on the street is I'm a bit nuts.

Here are three more for your enjoyment.

Esya Osherovsky
Toronto ON Canada urwen.com

"This is my first try at woodcut. I'm usually working with lino. So I took part as a way of pushing myself. Plus being part of a project like this, is just too awesome to pass by.
My response the ""peace"" theme is based on the hope that if cats and dogs, and other animals, can coexist  peacefully, humans surely should be able to figure it out too."

Lisa Toth
Chester New York USA

Fiorella Mori
Rome (Italy)

From time immemorial, the dove is a symbol of peace, but if one dove can not extinguish the seeds of war, perhaps a whole flock could succeed. Similarly all men of good will, united in a common effort, could ensure that peace rule the world.

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