Thursday, July 23, 2015

Four more peace bits and lots of good stuff

Terry S Peart
Seattle, Washington USA

Beate Scheller
West Linn, Oregon USA

"My woodblock carving took me some effort to finish. Haven't done that for a long time. And it is not my primary printmaking technique I work with. Mainly I do etching and Stone Lithography.
To carve a dream catcher was fun, and meaningful for me. Coming to the Great NW from Germany this ""device"" of catching bad dreams struck always my attention. I thought the craft of weaving a dream catcher and the purpose of it reflects peace in itself. I tried to catch that in my image.
I love the idea of the 1000 puzzle piece project. So many people participate with different ideas, and I love puzzles, too.
Thanks Maria for your immense work with that."

Zoƫ Appleby
Devon, UK

I have a bit of thing about lettering. I have painted letters on lots of different surfaces including vinyl toys, furniture and clothing. Having dabbled in printmaking (mostly etching and lino) I was eager to rise to a new challenge and use lettering on my piece of the peace puzzle. My chosen word, Alcyone, is from Greek mythology, she's the wife of Ceyx. In the story she is turned into a halcyon bird, a kingfisher. This is the origin of the etymology for "halcyon days", the seven days in winter when storms never occur - peaceful days. I live in one of the wettest weather towns in the UK and for me, peaceful days are generally those with fair weather.

Caroline Rudge
Devon United Kingdom

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