Monday, July 6, 2015

Flowers and origami doves and an otter for peace

Joanne Price
Bagdad, KY USA

I chose to represent peace with soothing flowers. Phlox flowers are a symbol of unity or harmony and in Chinese culture, the peach blossom is a symbol of growth, prosperity, long life and luck - all important elements in gaining peace.

Hans Heilman
Lexington, Massachusetts USA

In terms of visual art, I'm really a watermedia painter, but my mother and my stepmother were both printmakers -- I grew up with many woodcut prints around me, so I figured I had probably absorbed enough through osmosis to give this project a try. In a small way, this project allowed me to feel that I was following in their footsteps.
When I thought about the 'Peace' theme, the idea of an origami 'peace crane' was one of the first images that popped into my head. An origami construction has such delicate fragility -- but I wanted it to convey a sense of power also, bringing light into the darkness.

Monica Leidig
Las Vegas, Nevada USA

"The otter symbolizes friendship, happiness, peace, and family. Both parents help raise the young. Otters wrap themselves in kelp and hold each others hands while sleeping so as not to drift away. Otters are busy playing when they are not sunning, hunting, or eating. My sea otter carving is to remind us to take time to relax and go with the  flow of life. And you are never to old to play!
This piece was my first woodcarving. As an art teacher, I have taught linoleum printing lessons a time or two. Carving on wood was very challenging but fun! I am excited and so thankful to be a part of this collaboration. "

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