Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Team works!

Team Gayle

This year I tried something new with the Peace Puzzle and that is to have people work in "teams" so that my mailing tasks and expenses would be reduced. The entry fee for teams was of course reduced accordingly and the team concept made my life a bit easier.
These are the contributions from "Team Gayle" (Wohlken) who is a faithful woodcut printmaker, long time friend and participant in all the previous puzzle woodcuts. But wait! that's not all, in addition to four awesome images, I also got some maple treats, handmade in Ohio, a lovely loving note and a historical postcard of the maple factory.

Jeremy Wohlken
Dalton, PA

Busy with other projects, I tapped my son Cole to come up with an idea for the woodcut.  He drew me a picture of a woman who was meditating on nature; with imagery of animals, fish, trees and clouds.  I liked his idea!  Using his muse and applying my experience of illustration and design, we came up with the final image of the meditating woman whose hair is flowing out and forming the images of nature in her mind.  Cole and I were a team on this one, credit to my son for his vision.

Holly Lynn

Abby Blake

Gayle Wohlken
Burton, Ohio USA

"(W6 - Team Gayle)
Father and Child - the peace of love and trust"

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