Thursday, July 30, 2015

Peace bits, artists panic

Panic time!

My artist-participants are panicking now, emails daily with last minute glitches and problems, oh no! Where is that address? Which way is up? Wood? What project? Artists,'s an ART PROJECT, easy now everyone. Funny thing is, I am seldom the "calm one" but I'm deeply into director-mode and directors must remain calm at all costs.
Easy does it, everyone.
Enjoy the peaceful images.

Terri Thoman
Fine Print Dallas, Texas, USA

My first time participating in a project of this nature, and the challenge of creating an image for a theme in an odd shape has been rewarding.  When I first laid eyes on he the block I thought it looked like a pea pod... so came TWO PEACE in a POD.

Anne M Hoff Las Vegas,NV

Peace, for me, is a state of mind.  I portrayed one of the any places I find this refuge from chaos called life. The desert. The Joshua tree symbolizes the tenacity of dwellers within this desert climate, thriving and enduring, despite the extremes of our environment.

Katie Hughes
Waterloo, Iowa USA

Charles G. Morgan Victoria, B.C., Canada

The topic of “peace” has been a subject dear to the hearts of humans forever. It has been commented upon in prose, poetry, and song in every generation. The amount of art of all kinds that has been devoted to the theme is enormous. It is hard to imagine there is anything new to add. Alas, it seems to me that WAR and related violence is like a virus, infecting all humankind. If only WAR was a beast, like a dragon perhaps, or embodied in a single individual, then perhaps we could kill it. Wouldn’t it be lovely to go to a memorial garden somewhere and lay flowers on the grave of WAR?

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