Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Very Latest! Photos to come...

Along the Everglades, so different from my beloved beautiful is nature in any form
I have been off in faraway lands taking on awesome adventures and recharging my energy reserves but now it is time to bring this wonderful project to its delightful conclusion.

We are all set for the Great City's Print Party. Everyone invited to aid or to watch.

Please see this blog post for all the details:

While I was away all the ingredients came magically through the various carriers and so we have ink and paper. All that is left is the last of the carving around the big blocks and to load the truck.

This post is also a last call for those of you who may have moved since you signed up for the project. Please update your physical mailing address by sending me an email, as mailing big tubes back and forth can get pricey.

I will update the blog soon with the very last of the arrivals and the progress of the preparation of the big blocks.

Check the blog for continuous updates with pictures and videos of the print party.

I guess I best get in the studio and finish up the prep-work, the printing elves await in the Great Northwest.

Thank you all for making this project come to fruition. Won't be long now and you will be savoring the fruit of the labors of 110 fellow printmakers and artists from all over the world.

Safe travels to my fellow travelers, I will see you soon enough.


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  1. Thanks for the e-mail update and what a lovely spot you have been visiting.

    Hope all goes to plan for the printing of the blocks.