Monday, April 2, 2012

Back and ready to print! Last of the citizen city blocks

I had a brief vacation in which the plan was to recharge the ol' batteries so that I could get ready for the upcoming print party. Life usually deals whatever hand it has in mind for us and we are simply obligated to cope. Without going into detail, batteries are now in the red but I trust the drive through the backroads of Nevada, California and Oregon will take care of a much needed energy boost. And there's always Bustelo coffee...

In any case, I did get to see the big bustling city of Miami just in time to get inspired to fill in the missing blocks. And I saw a brief whisper of the Everglades, alligators and all and regained a bit of my Cuban-ness. So we move forward. Here are the latest arrivals.

Rachel Silber from Melrose, Massachusetts USA writes: It was a challenge and a pleasure to work at a much smaller scale than I usually do. 

Julio Rodriguez from Skokie, Illinois USA sends a cool image and writes this: My contribution to the City of the World project is the "Baren-movil". As the city's wheels turn the community quietly plays it parts fostering and educating the world on the Art of relief printmaking. Many thanks to Maria Arango-Diener for another amazing puzzle-print project. Keep them coming !!!

We're on the home stretch!

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