Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Three more yet (I confess I'm out of catchy titles)

Mary Johnson sends her block from Norristown, Pennsylvania USA

Julianne Kershaw from Woombye, Queensland AUSTRALIA writes:
I love crows - & enjoy photographing them – in trees, or as black silhouettes against the sky..
To me they’re outsiders – fringe dwellers to a certain extent – surviving on road kill & whatever else they can find.
When school’s out the crows come to feast on discarded food scraps – scavenging out of open bins & prying into plastic wrappings & containers to get at anything edible – snatching what they can & flying off with it..

Barbara Carr is from Salisbury, New Hampshire USA writes this:
 When I was first planning a subject for City of the World, I wanted to incorporate a sort of memorial to my younger brother Jack, who died in June.  After working up a bunch of drawings, this went nowhere, so I generalized the idea of “city” in my mind. My all-time favorite city is Rome and I remembered seeing many windows there with laundry hanging out and flowers on the sills. I opted to have a curtain billowing in place of the laundry, which was a little too earthy for what I wanted to show. The result is my vote for optimism and the positive aspect of we humans turning wherever we live into “home.” It turned out, after all, to be a sort of memorial to my brother, who lived in one of my other favorite cities, Cambridge.

Last three on the next post!

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