Wednesday, April 11, 2012

For everyone's delight, blocks up close with key to the city

Without further introduction, here are the completed blocks with key, all my fellow citizens! You can get the large version of each photo by clicking on it, then print if you want but don't waste too much paper. The real thing will come your way soon enough!

Wow! huh? huh? Wow....I'm in love with these...


  1. Wow indeed, go Maria and helpers. I love this page in particular and what a great idea to label each blocks image. One clever lady.It has been my pleasure to be a participant and to see the results along the way.Thank you so much Maria I look forward to receiving my print.
    I have made my own journal about our journey , for my old age !! I can look back and say, " See what I have done".

  2. Wowzerroonie! What a fabulous project, key and concept! Thank you for sharing every stage of this project and keeping us included. It's been great! Totally looking forward to seeing the printing process as you will document it! Best wishes to you and your team!

  3. LOL... Looks great but noticed you have my doorway labeled as Claudia Ferreira and my name on some cool looking plants (same panel).

    1. Will fix that on the real key! Oopsie daisy! I'm sure the owner of the cool looking plants will let me know soon.

  4. Maria - I didn't catch onto what you were up to when talking about carving backgrounds - now all is clear and the car and tree shapes etc really enhance the whole
    Bravo! once more

  5. Dilemma: where am I going to put this when I get it?!?! I hope you can YouTube the printing process because a lot of us would like to be there but can't.