Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wrapping it up!

The latest few tasks are now completed.
First a re-count of the piles, onced aired out. Amazing what a bit of cobalt drier and 6% humidity will do to ink! Dry as a bone by the time I got home, although the studio windows remained opened for a couple of days.

Will have to remember next time to take a click counter, seems we were off on every block! But no fear, plenty for everyone. Make a mental note that there are (thank goodness!) 101 sheets of paper in each 100-pack of Stonehenge...or else someone at the paper shop also needs a counter!

And last but not least, today I assembled, tweaked, played with and otherwise messed around with imagery to come up with a "key" that will be mailed out to everyone. I will also upload to the website soon enough. I left the key pages unassembled so that participants could spread them out as they explore the imagery in the "real" prints.

Now to await the print-shop output, to be delivered in a day or so. Then I can begin to mail out the sets. At the very latest, all sets will be mailed by end of next week. Can you feel the anticipation?

Here's a low-resolution peek at the cover for the key.
Neato! Huh?

Next task, update the website with the final images...


  1. Absolutely incredible. Kudos to all, but especially to you, Maria. What a beautiful and hard-earned project. Wishing you a gentle return to post-city-of-the-world life!

  2. That image of the puzzle key is worth putting on display all by itself, nice job !!!!

  3. Stunning work - you have all worked so very very hard and it looks amazing! Thank you.