Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ready for team printing of the City of the World

Getting ready for printing the City of the World project.

Progress and images:
and on the website pages

Coming right up a long drive through desert, mountain and forest; the perfect way to wash away troubles and replenish the energy tank. Then an even longer printing party with an eager and able team of printmakers. This should be fun!

Very close now to the end of this project. I'm looking forward to mailing the prints but already have secretly started thinking about the next image. Guess I never learn my lessons...

All the progress blogged as it happens


  1. This is an absolutely stunning collection of blocks. The completed puzzle is a work of art in itself. I cannot wait for the finished print and thank you for allowing so many of us to participate! Have a GREAT printing party!!

  2. This looks fantastic!!! Have a great journey and enjoy the printing.

  3. I love the woodcut. It is very energetic and fun. Brilliant work.