Saturday, April 28, 2012

City of the World 2012

Prints are mailed, should be at everyone's doorstep within a few days in the US and maybe a week or two everywhere else. Website updated soon with final pictures and final word.
I have my fingers crossed on the world shipments but have full faith in the Postal system. No tracking available once the happy prints leave this country so please let me know, either here on the blog or by email, when prints start arriving at foreign shores.

The five sheets were tough to roll up so they should snap flat in no time once unrolled. The enclosed key is but a taste of what the real colophon will be like. And speaking of which, I'm nearly done assembling the colophon and ready to send to publishers for a test book, then once I receive and approve I will make available to all.

All participants will be able to download a free copy of the electronic book/colophon for about three months. Once that period is over, I can still make a CD with the electronic book and ship to anyone that has participated.

The e-book and real paper book will be available for purchase from me and from the publisher: I've used them before and like the way they work. They also make books available in Amazon so we'll all be famous...infamous? Anyhow, hopefully a few book sales here and there will help fund the next project!

What else can I tell you!? It was a pleasure directing this project, a true challenge to get it done, an incredible surprise to see it printed, a real pain in the butt to get it mailed JUST KIDDING!!!
I loved every single minute, every paper cut, every image, every word all of you wrote, every little gift that came with the blocks, I loved everything about it, honestly. You have all made me very happy, I don't really know why but who needs to know why?!

That's all for now, send pictures of your City of the World mounted and framed up on a wall. I will post on the blog.

Until the next one! Be good, make art, make lots of art!!!


  1. Got mine Friday, great job Maria, thanks to all the helpers that got them printed, wonderful prints, looking for a place to display them in the house....will send photo soon!

  2. Wow - Maria, fantastic work, I am truly overwhelmed. It was a real pleasure to receive this delivery today. Thank you to all those who put in so much hard work - the result is wonderful! I have no idea how I am going to frame this, but I will, somehow or other, and I suspect perspex will be involved. I shall be passing the word on so that others can share in this experience too. Huge congratulations!