Friday, March 2, 2012

From Washington DC and Pennsylvania USA

Jerelee Basist from Washington DC USA writes this about her block:
Washington, DC. is where I was born. Washington DC thrives with the best museums in the world.  Some of the best Thai, Vietnamese, Cuban, & Ethopian food exists in this city. The music scene calls out to the best musicians. The city has not been hit hard with the recession and housing prices are stable. Washington DC is where I travel every day to work and provides my livelihood.  Washington, DC is a hotbed of politics, consuming culture, and diversified races. The patchwork of DC is what I embrace. However, my image of a cracked capitol justifies how I feel about the infrastructure of my beloved city. This cracked image, also signifies the polarization that our nation feels as a whole.

Eli Vandernberg sends this contribution from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA:

Keep them coming!

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