Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tiny blocks from my neighbors from the North and my neighbors from the South

The ingenius Charles Morgan writes to us from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
I am an experimenter and a tinkerer ... I am always working on some new project. My house is full of tools, junk, and other raw materials for my projects. So sometimes I feel almost like I am living in a sort of R&D industrial park. I designed my block to reflect that feeling. There is a small sign at the entrance, bearing my chop. And there are several buildings in a pleasant surrounding, with birds and plant life.

Cheers ....... Charles

Diana Hartley sends her block and news from Phoenix Arizona USA

Photos of the assembling party coming up soon.
As planned, I unpacked the woodblocks this past weekend and found out that I have some work to do!
When I jig-sawed the individual blocks, I apparently got busy mailing them off and just left the big "skeleton" blocks in their dusty, unsanded and (I knew this part) uncarved state.
So this week, while juggling an illustration commission, I need to get very busy and sand the edges of the skeleton blocks and mount them on their backing mat-boards, which I have already cut.

Then fairly quickly I must find the missing blocks, cut them out, carve something in them and place all the blocks in place. I'm thinking of breaking out the rotary tool and carving out the names of the cities of all the participants but I just don't know if there will be enough missing blocks to do that. That's a good thing, actually.

More progress, with pictures, in the next blog post or two.

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  1. Maria have you finalized your dates for printing the blocks? I would love to help but scheduling may be an issue. Thank you for what info you may be able to share.