Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Two! Peace doubled up daily now

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Peace in my mail box daily

What else can an artist ask for!? assistant comes to mind. But never mind that, I will try my best to keep up with my fellow co-conspirators in peace. Here are two more arrivals from the past day or so and already two more on deck for tomorrow.

Gilead Tadmor Cambridge, MA, USA

Bacchanalian floating with a glass of wine.
Gilead Tadmor 2015 Peace Puzzle

Jennifer Martindale
Dorset, UK

"In Hindu, Buddhist and Egyptian religions, the lotus has been a powerful image and spiritual symbol for millennia. In Buddhist studies the white lotus represents purity and the pacification of our nature, as the pure white flower rises through muddy water. The dove flying above has represented quiet innocence, peace, long life and love through the centuries to Egyptians, Chinese and the early Greeks and Romans."
Jennifer Martindale 2015 Peace Puzzle

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