Saturday, April 4, 2015

More images of peace

Carol Chapel
Corvallis, Oregon USA

Carol chose to write her words on the back of her block! How cool is that, here is her lovely block with wonderful color images from her local art center, a close up view and the words she shared.

Louise Stebbing & Martin Stebbing

Here are two great images that came together and took their rightful place in the block.

Louise Stebbing                East Anglia, UK   

"Its great to take part in such an amazing project and wonderful that there are people out there to organise such a project and put so much work into it themselves, thanks Maria.

The images I used are mostly symbolic images of peace that have been used for an age - but still have a huge relevance today.

Martin Stebbing  

- I followed the theme looking at the piece and shape of wood and let the wood design it for me."       

Martin Stebbing 2015 Peace Puzzle

Louise Stebbing 2015 Peace Puzzle

Check it Out! First pieces in place

Four pieces in place in the Peace Puzzle 2015

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