Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Oddballs and naming the big blocks

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What to do with the oddballs?, carve, print! of course! Let me explain. After carving up the puzzle pieces, long long ago ( there were a bunch of odd blocks. Either the shapes were going to be a big challenge or they were too small or of a very strange shape.
Well, you know me, I'm always up to a challenge, the stranger the better! So I decided to lay them aside and either place them "blank" right back where they came from or wait until the muse strikes and sink my chisels into them. I did just that with one of them today. Peaceful, huh?
Maria Arango Diener, "One Love" Peace Puzzle 2015

Big Blocks and Funny Names

As you may recall, the beastly piece puzzle grew to eight 22 x 30 inch (55x76cm) panels, each a block in itself. When I was chopping the pieces, I entertained my mind by thinking up names for the big blocks, based on their main feature and, of course, based on peace.
So far, here is the progress I have made with the carving the background blocks, five are done and three to go. Some pieces already placed in placed but nothing glued yet. Later I will glue all the blocks to their respective backgrounds so they behave properly during printing.
Peace Puzzle 2015, lighter blocks are carved, darker ones are next
Last picture shows the names, also the first letter on the "code" that I wrote on the back of the blocks. I have been told that the names are spiritual, which is fine by me. After some research, turns out most spiritual beliefs in the world, new, old, and from all backgrounds and religious traditions do contain some reference to some or all of the words I used. I believe in peace, love, kindness and happiness and that we are all responsible not only for our own but to bring those things to others.

Starting at top left going right:
Tree, signifying growth and reaching, striving to be higher, better
Dove, probably the oldest symbol for peace, also bird for freedom, essential to peace
Sun, to light the way to peace for all humanity, to guide us in our quest for all that is good
Love, the driving force of everything should be love for all
Bottom row starting right going left:
Earth, our mother, our home
Nature, for all that is good in nature, also for human nature which I believe to be kind at heart
Flow, representing our course through life and the lives of people we touch
Water, the eternal essence of life, water washes away our troubles, quenches our thirst, gives life

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