Monday, April 20, 2015

Back to peaceful endeavors

Report on my road trip!

I took a little trip to the great Northwest so I could visit my aunt and a couple of good friends in art. The road, passing by like a river, has a way to calm troubled minds and renew the beauty of the world outside and inside. All is well everywhere.
One trick I use in order to get right back to work is to leave something unfinished; rather than having to start a new project I can get right back to work without much thinking.
So here it is, one block to be cleared and then I can start on my next task, laying out the colophon/book. For that I will have to fix my ailing computer, but that's a frustrating story nobody wants to hear. Sigh, electronics...
Last block to be carved, top right
the LOVE block!

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Three more blocks

I had three blocks waiting for me that had arrived last week while I was soul searching. And amazingly enough, all three blocks were nearly adjacent to each other! Two from the US and one from abroad, all three came in the same week and belong adjacent to each other, I had to repeat that! Wow, the hands of destiny at work. Here is a picture of all three blocks in place. I will give the artists their own blog post in the next day or two.

Three blocks in the middle, arrived last week
The Peace Puzzle is getting filled!

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