Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Last block gets carved and everyone gets stuck

The Love Block

Don't you feel like singing the theme to the Love Boat? Hmmm...maybe it's just me, I had to watch that show as part of my "assignment" when I first came to the US so that I could get familiar with culture and language. Brady Bunch, Donny and Marie show, Little Ricky's show, Green Acres, MASH and many others like that, quite the fun times.

Anywaaaays, the last block is now carved.

Stuck on you

To preserve the integrity of the blocks and prevent pieces from shifting during printing, I glue them on a backing of mat-board. This allows me to raise puzzle pieces if they are not getting enough ink or printing lighter, but that's to come much later. Each new piece gets glued just as soon as I inspect it and photograph it. I usually wait until they are all in but thought with a project this big, I would get ahead of the game.
I use a mixture of wood glue and white glue, one to make sure the blocks are well stuck, the other to preserve some flexibility. Not much magic to this process but here it is anyway in pictures, just for the record.

Ready to glue, puzzle pieces removed

Equal parts wood glue and white glue

"The Hand" uses a foam roller to spread glue
fast, evenly and thinly

Three blocks done, stacked to dry
And there you have them, drying under a very heavy
box containing 300 sheets of paper, exciting, huh?!

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