Monday, April 27, 2015

From across and down

Always learning

One of the amazing side effects of conducting a global collaboration is that I realize how connected we (humans) really are. We watch events happen across the world and we either feel close or far to others depending on whether we are really interested or not. But when I receive a piece of actual mail from someone across the world, part of me realizes that they just touched that piece of paper, just wrote that note, just carved that block. Feels like two hands in a hearty shake held for just a moment when I open each package.

Here is a great image from New Zealand.

Lenore Whyte

Tapanui, New Zealand

"My contribution is the KORU.
Koru is a Maori word that has become part of mainstream NZ english. It describes the growing tip of a fern frond and symbolizes new life, regeneration, growth, strength and peace.
I have used the koru as it brings back memories of my childhood and the many hours spent in the NZ bush. Of the lush ferns with their unfurling new growth, the sound of the native birds, and the trickle of the bush streams. That was, and always will be, a place of peace for me."

Rest on me a while

My contribution number two. I usually do two or three, depending on how many people drop out but this time I reserved myself a few spots. I thought they were the words in a Bee Gees song, "Come on over" but turns out those words aren't exactly there. I guess once more I used my artistic license to alter reality, as I remember it. 

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