Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Onward with another great story

Karen Wheeler

One of the greatest rewards of these collaborations are the relationships that are developed between artists. I already spoke about Rania Zaarour, from Lebanon and now in India, and her desire to participate even though she claimed "she isn't an artist." To "meet" someone like that and get to know a bit of their story is really touching for me.

My next collaboration within the collaboration is with Karen Wheeler, an amazingly courageous artist. This quote from her website:

There are many facets to Artist Karen Wheeler besides art. The fair treatment of others is also close to her heart, especially when it comes to the elderly, children, animals and those with disabilities. As you will find in the writings on this site, Karen shares her experiences and knowledge of life in the disabled community. These writings are meant to assist those with similar life obstacles and to educate those who are not disabled. Through the magic of art and writing, Karen expresses to everyone that anything is possible.

So Karen asked if she could participate and how and we decided she would draw one of her incredibly detailed creations and I would carve it. Here is her sketch which she drew first in pencil and then went over with a thin marker, I have begun carving and will post in a couple of days along with her words on peace.

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