Friday, May 29, 2015

The River another small block carved by your fearless instigator and Test Block report

The River

There is something about watching a river roll by that is calming and peace-giving like no other experience, except maybe watching the ocean. I could engage in either for hours. But while the ocean ripples back and forth, the river goes by washing away fear and doubt and everything wrong, and offering new fresh water with every second passed. Much like time, and life. The sound itself is constant, soothing, trickle or roar it fills me with peace leaving no room for anything but a clean and pure tranquility.
And when speaking of rivers, the Colorado is first in my heart. I have been to many places in and around this awesome gift of nature and none too many, I hope to see many more.
"The River" is my third block for the Peace Puzzle.

The River, peace puzzle contribution by Maria Arango Diener

Test Block

A while back I reported I would be carving a block to test the integrity of the MDF/cherry veneer plywood that I purchased for the Peace Puzzle. Well here it is! The carving was of the background image and included some very thin lines, curves and other possible trouble spots. 
I covered the entire thing with polyurethane to give the MDF (medium density fiberboard) a sealant and also "glue" the edges of the carved veneer to the surrounding MDF support. This way the roller, covered with sticky ink, would hopefully not break up the bond between support and veneer and printing would go smoothly.
Test block with polyurethane ready to be printed on my press bed

Close up, yummy finish huh?!

I am pleased with the results although I did lose a tiny piece of line in the initial roll of ink. I still don't have any idea where it came from. Also, I tested some "repairs" done with wood glue and all held up very well. Additionally, the edges of the block seemed to be just fine with having the press roller on and off without crumbling or breaking. 

I will post on Facebook later this weekend and have a giveaway! I want some young budding artists to color some of these so if you are a teacher, get ready to message me. I will give away 5 prints to be colored by 5 different groups of youngsters. No charge, just for fun, no need to return the print. Just take a picture of the result and I will post on my Facebook page.
A day's work, about 15 prints hangin' out

Peace Puzzle test block image
20 x 36 inches paper size
12 x 32 inches image size
Ready for coloring!

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