Friday, June 5, 2015

Birds and a hand

Six arrivals!

Three featured in this post, three more in a couple of days. Thirty-two blocks are now happily in their places chatting away with others from strange lands, about peace, of course! I can hear the chatter in my studio but as soon as I approach...they go quiet...sometimes a playful snicker...shhhh

Mary Hill Las Vegas Nevada USA

"This image depicts 'my hand' in this wonderful peace print project. With the words hope and faith inscribed to remind us that we lift each other up in the process of consciously allowing peace to be part of our lives.

Many thanks for this opportunity."

Carolyn McLeod
Reno, NV

"Title:  ""Birds in Harmony""
Silhouette of birds in harmonious flight."

Lynne J Hubner
McKinney Texas USA

"When contemplating the concept of Peace I look towards nature for inspiration. My submission is of a Kildeer carved in the spirit of Papel Picado  and Scherenschnitte. Both forms of paper cutting are representative of two major cultures in Texas.
Why a Kildeer? They are adaptive birds, highly protective of their young, able to make their home wherever they can. They successfully coexist with their neighbors in urban and wild settings. Their chicks hatch with their eyes wide open ready to take on the world. "

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