Thursday, June 11, 2015

Peace Blocks from Chile and Australia

Deadline July 31

Ah yes, how time flies when you are making art! I have now 42 blocks glued tightly in place thirsting for ink, lovely lovely smelly printmaker's ink. None of the big blocks are yet complete so I can't start early printing, maybe next month?! Keep them coming, my eager studio elves await.

Sad note

While I wait, I have the sad task of substituting a block from Ruth Leaf, who passed away earlier this year. I will dedicate a block to her. During the course of my life as an artist I have made friends far and wide and gotten to know and love many artist-friends all over the globe. Some of us have met in person and Ruth was one of those. I visited her in Venice, California a few times during my art festival frolics and she was always happy, working, strong, lovely and true, as "real" as people get. Though we didn't talk often, both of us being low-maintenance friends, we connected very tightly. I miss her dearly.

Here are three more contributions from the world over. I love those images! Thanks for the newspapers too, I enjoy a good read from across the globe.

Jo Ernsten
New South Wales

Camila Zacarelli

Alejandra Duarte

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