Friday, June 5, 2015

Hearts, fish and more birds...and chocolate! mmmm...

Maria Pinto
Sao Paulo - BRAZIL

"We need a strong heart to build peace everywhere.
My work for the puzzle is inspired on Viana's heart pendant, the iconic piece of Portuguese filigree. I'm Brazilian but also Portuguese.
I think the peace needs patience, attention, knowledge to be made and it is more precious than any jewel."

Karen Owens
Orlando, Florida

"Maria Arango Diener is one of my favorite artist, so when I heard that I could participate in this project I jumped at the chance! Also, I am in love with printmaking  and this project gave me an opportunity to try something new!

I wanted to portray a peaceful scene, and since I live in Florida I had to add some water, fishes and a common shrub.  Then I drew an image of a woman meditating with three fishes looking up at her.  The fishes for me represent peace, love and happiness. What more do you need?

Normally I create lino-cuts and this is only my second wood cut. Obviously wood is harder to carve but it creates some interesting texture that lino-cuts do not have.  So I learned some things while doing this project. Most importantly keep your tools sharp and carve away from your hand! "

Sue Butler
Adelaide, South Australia

"There is something incredibly peaceful about watching birds fly, as they float above us while we go about our daily business.  Sometimes I'd like to be a bird and hover peacefully in the sky looking down at the Earth.  
Thank you, Maria, for the chance to participate in this wonderful world-wide project. "
(editor's note: ah, but Sue's entire hand-written note was much more than that and I will keep that close to my heart, thank YOU Sue!)
Mysterious big box with lots of neat stuff in it:
a hand-written note, chocolates, and a post-card for my collection
just like Christmas! but better

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