Thursday, June 18, 2015

Peace from across the country and across the pond

More presents!

I know I will be working my fingers to the bone coming up later in the year but right now I am so fortunate to get presents from all over the world in the mail. As usual, my favorite are the hand-written notes from all over with good thoughts, kind words and wishes of love and peace. Closely following are art-presents and dark chocolate. I am SO fortunate...thank you.

Lynita Shimizu
Ashford, Connecticut USA

"Finding Peace
In the forest among the trees,
Leaves dance to the beat of the breeze;
Morning bird calls bounce off bark,
Moss blankets dew-drenched rocks;
Between oak and pine and web-woven air,
In the woods – Peace is there."

Fiona Humphrey
England, UK

My response to the Peace theme is a simple image of parent and child walking hand in hand, evoking, I hope a sense of the quietly personal and more widely communal commitments we make to each other.

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