Thursday, May 21, 2015

Unbelievable! More critters big and small, okay mostly small

 Two more catches me up!

I finished carving Karen Wheeler's piece. She's an artist who painstakingly draws tiny stroke by tiny stroke, building up the images in a stroke-pointilistic kind of way. Check out her website sometime:
So I carved her drawn piece tiny stroke by tiny stroke with my 1mm chisels. It was quite fun, resembling a detailed wood engraving.

And yesterday I received Michele Unger's contribution, a nicely done bird with a deep meaning. Interesting how some artists choose to do something simple and let the shape of the wood inspire the image. Well done!

Michele R. Unger

Edmonds, WA 

Trying to grasp onto an image for peace is like trying to photograph a bird in flight---elusive.  So I chose a bird as my image and carved it upside down.  When a flag is raised upside down it is a sign of distress so when an image of peace is printed upside down it is a cry for change, to make peace not so elusive, but common.  How wonderful a world it would be if peace were the norm.  Think of all the free time we might have to solve our common problems, rather than wasting time hating our differences.

Karen Wheeler
Henderson, NV

Animals inspire me beyond words. My definition of Peace is expressed by showing how two animals of different size and species can lay down together and sleep. I have chosen a domestic house cat and a parakeet lying in peaceful slumber even though the cat is a natural predator to the bird. The larger cat is happy to be the protector of the smaller bird in this instance. There is no fear here because the two are friends and love each other so much that their only desire is to remain close to one another in peace.
Karen's sketch on the block

Progression of carving with the final Karen Wheeler
piece for the Peace Puzzle

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