Monday, May 4, 2015

Change of pace, the festival life calling my name


Art festivals are the best way for this artist to connect with the largest audience, teach the world about woodcuts, have a bunch of fun, sell some art, and bring forth that elusive creature we call "the extroverted Maria," all concentrated in one chaotic exhausting weekend.
Generally work starts two or three weeks in advance, inventory artwork, check display equipment, panic, memorize festival map, mat, frame, price, pack and go! Since I have not done festivals in a long while, I'm panicking more than usual but it's all coming back to me quickly. I did, after all, write a book full of check-lists on how to sell work in art festivals (no, really!) so I have a refresher course handy on my shelves.


After a quick check on the equipment, just in case I had to order anything or one of my tent legs was missing (funny story behind that statement), I resigned myself to the task of matting and framing my happy woodcuts.
Why not hire a framer? Cost! 16 x 20 inch frame complete costs around $45, framer charges around $160+. Impossible to make a profit. Besides, with a few pieces of good equipment and some practice, practice, practice, framing is easy.

Here we go...first inventory, then get to cutting. I built some box containers to easily and safely transport my artworks across the country, they are on wheels for easy hauling. I reserve a work table and area for framing (and shipping), which makes everything more efficient. I have to confess I'm an efficiency freak! but anything you do more than two or three times needs to be efficient or time gets wasted...and time is so so precious.
Inventory of any existing framed and matted works

I built these wooden boxes on wheels to carry my works
safely across the country

The framing table, ready for action

Every work gets a Certificate of Authenticity, signed and
with an explanation of the woodcut process

Mats cut, ready to assemble

"Into the Canyon" one of my fav works and hiking places
in Zion National Park

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